Sunday, January 9, 2011

10 Hopes For My 2011

47... 1   starting a new journey, as I did in 1986
Preparing to ride off to the Catskill Mountains, my post college goal

as a follow up to last weekends thought on 2010:

1. Bicycling--- The spirit of the Stratoz that rode a bike from PA to the Catskills (that would be me 10 seconds before the trip) has been emerging. A new blog follower and friends who love bicycling have me thinking that this spring is the time to return to an old passion.

2. The examen--- had faded away from my daily routine. It is back.

3. Thanksgiving--- No Craft Shows!!!! Next year I will take a five day break from teaching and not fill it with a craft show. After three years of doing such things we are done with it.

4. Garden--- As I said in my 2010 post, I was embarrassed by my efforts this past year and I want to return to the days of fresh flowers for Mosaic Woman and a bounty for the kitchen.

5. Hospitality--- Next weekend friends are coming over for a meal. I hope to open our house to friends more often this year. I promised my family a potato pancake dinner this spring and you know I have a strudelfest in mind for the fall.

6. Year of the Mandala--- Last year ended with the making of mandalas and I just completed 2 of my Dr Ed Mandalas. I got a thank you note from his widow thanking me for the continued support of pancreatic research. Some of the most powerful moments of 2010 were customers telling me stories of lost ones and thanking me for supporting research. Soon I am going to open a special Dr Ed Mandala shop so that even more can be donated this year. We are also planning on the possibility of doing an all or mostly Mandala show

7. Jazz--- The teacher screaming for no snow days would be the man who hopes to see part of the Rochester Jazz festival and see great friends at the same time. No Snow! If snow extends the school year we may not make it to the festival, but we will still go see the friends.

8. Leave Space and Come Home--- in 2 weeks Space Science ends and we take on Earth Science during my second and third period classes.

9. Eating in with variety--- Our new balanced budget has us eating out less, but enthused to visit some old favorites to spice things up.

10. Declutter--- could be the biggest change, but it is happening to our 1 bedroom 2 studio house

update: I made another



  1. I will also be cheering for no snow days for you! I love your list. You should throw your bike on the car if you have a rack - Rochester has many bike trails including the canal path.

    I hope to find a way to make teaching sustainable and regain balance in my life. I am having fun with the science but all work and no play...

  2. those are awesome Hopes - love them! best of luck in seeing all of them (and more as yet unrealized/unspoken Hopes) materialize this year!

  3. I am so all over Number 3, it still makes my toes tingle! I may not do any in December, either!!!

    May not make it back east, but we'll both be your biggest cheerleaders and do all we can to keep you motivated to get back on that bike! But I guess that means don't look at my Wordless Wednesday today. It might kill the desire... :)

  4. Kathryn--- we stayed open this week on a small storm that closed all the neighboring districts ;') another batch of wonderland headed in next week

    Deb--- we will see what happens in 2011

    Snowcatcher--- glad you liked number 3. Our favorite show is in December so we will still be doing shows but no 6 in a row. We want to do shows that feel right with our spirit.


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