Sunday, January 16, 2011

Seven on Sunday--- Ducks

1. By the diplomas not hanging on my wall, I am a Koncrete Warrior Duck. In 1992 when Mosaic Woman and I were receiving our masters degrees, I could not imagine the Ducks playing for a football championship and if I spent money on cable and if the game started earlier, I would have sadly watched them lose last week. But hey, only two teams made it to that game and the U of O colors inspired the above piece, which by the way was designed while I was sitting in a staff meeting at a job I can have because of the masters degree.

2. Mergansers are cool:

3. Ducks can frustrate me. I do not have a scope as many a serious birder does, and since ducks tend to hang out on water it is hard to sneak up for a closer view. But I try to keep in mind it is a two way street, both I and the duck need to desire to see each other.

4. In 1987 I drove from Pennsylvania to Edmonton (2500 +/- miles) to pick up Mosaic Woman who had flown up earlier. As I drove across the northern plains I wanted to stop constantly as I passed by billions and billions of potholes filled with birds. Now I read things are not so good for life in those wetlands.

5. Duck Ellington

It's a cold rainy day in the zoo and the animals are bored. So they call Duck Ellington who flies in with his piano and creates a jazz-jam that chases the clouds away and gets all the animals dancing.
6. Head north on route 202 from Lansdale and one will soon pass by the Duck Deli: a BBQ restaurant in New Britain, PA. Named for Duck, NC of course; where the original Duck Deli is located. Anyway, some very good lunches have been had over the past 15 years, and yes, I was at the original Duck Deli on the Outer Banks before I had known of this one. The Town of Duck, NC plans to have its fifth jazz festival this October, while the Duck Deli has sponsored jazz festivals in PA.

7. some Funky Cold Duck Jazz:


  1. Interesting-just last evening the preacher, in illustrating a point, spoke in Spanish of his love for eating "pato", which, I was reminded, translates to "duck". I, too, love duck; but the one you didn't mention here: Daffy! They just don't create cartoons anymore like they did in the old days....

  2. Love Ducks. Cold with bubbles, roasted with orange sauce, and through our spotting scope. Ray and I met on an ornithology trip to Virginia where I proudly spotted a European Widgeon. Do you come to Berks County for the jazz fest?

  3. Jim--- I could have well exceeded 7 that is for sure, I hope Daffy will forgive me.

    Janis--- we have been to events at the jazz festival

  4. That was fun! I love the mergansers, too. Such beautiful birds! I laughed out loud at Duck Ellington!


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