Friday, January 28, 2011

Fridays in PA--- Digging The Merrymead Farm

Not that far down the road from Lansdale is a local dairy. Merrymead Farm is a cool place.

It is a place to go to buy real ice cream (OK, I grew up not far from a now dead dairy store, which was run by relatives, who made the best black raspberry ice cream in the world, so I may be biased). However, enough folk who live around here agree with me that I can say this is the place to go. And yes, on a busy day a gaggle of young folk will be there to greet you and take good care of you.

But I also love Merrymead because they are small and the farmer speaks of his cows with great love. They proudly have chosen not to use rBST hormones.

There are plants for your veggie and flower gardens in the springtime, local veggies for your kitchen in the summer, pumpkins and a corn maize in the fall, and eggnog for the holidays. And ice cream all the time. The creative use of the land and store has kept this local treasure going.

How cool is it that for over 100 years the same family has kept this dairy alive and well.

I hope you can visit it one day. If your not from around here, may you be blessed with a family dairy farm that brightens your life wherever you call home.


  1. I never eat ice cream any more that I don't do the math, able to remember when a coke cost a nickel and, unless you're at some form of entertainment where the prices skyrocket, you can still buy one for less than a buck. I remember ice cream being a nickel a dip also, though, and a double dip cone can cost about five bucks here in northern ky. Not that the expense keeps me from enjoying one on occasion.....

  2. Jim--- we too eat far less than in the past, so when we do we want it to be good! I am beginning to be able to say "back in the day".


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