Friday, July 16, 2010

Fridays in PA

In 1987 Mosaic Woman and I left Pennsylvania for Massachusetts where she would end her undergraduate degree at Hampshire College. Three years later we drove to Oregon where we would both get degrees at the U of O. Three years later we drove to Illinois where she earned her second masters at the U of I while I discovered prairie reclamation projects.

Two years later I stated my desire to return to Pennsylvania and after two years in Dunmore, a loss of employment landed us in Lansdale where we settled down. Finally.

I am blessed to have experienced three places outside of PA. Many of my friends at work have never lived outside of PA. Many may never even see the Oregon coast or walk across an ancient lava flow in the Cascades.

But I am in love with PA and on Fridays I will celebrate where I live.


  1. Did I know that Mosaic Woman went to Hampshire? I can't remember. I went to Holyoke for 2 years and spent a lot of time on her campus. Many years before she got there, though!

  2. Margaret took a political science class at Holyoke with Joan Cocks


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