Thursday, July 22, 2010

I finally take on a repair job-- Crafting on Thursdays

I often get asked if I do repairs. I always decline. One, I have no experience. Two, I don't have the collection of glass needed to match the broken glass. and there was this moment...

I once made a friend a panel that spelled out Eagles, glued it into a frame, didn't wait for it to dry, held it up to the light, and watched as the several pieces of glass smashed on a radiator. I researched how to fix it, tried to fix it, got frustrated, and it sits somewhere in my studio.

A friend handed me the above photographed item. The corner piece got broken and so it makes it easier. It was green glass, and I knew I have lots of green glass. And it has special meaning to my friend; so it made it into my studio. Then I went to DC for vacation, came back and got deterred into my bird designs, but now I am ready to fix it. Hopefully tonight.

We will see.


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