Monday, July 12, 2010

Stratoz, organized?

There are times I wish this blog was all about jazz (or something else) and I consider starting a new blog all about jazz. These waves come from time to time, but the fact that I generally don't want to divide myself up into separate blogs wins out.

But I would also think it would be cool if those who like jazz knew they could show up and find jazz and not some rambling about a very cool experience at a Farmer's Market or Mosaic Woman losing her job, or the spirituality of Bonaventure ...

So each day will feature a different aspect of this dude's unfolding life.

I am not the most structured man in the world and I often wonder how my students survive their time in my classroom. Maybe my nonsense distracts them from their need for structure. But I do want to get organized here, so we will see. So you ask, what will Tuesdays bring...


... and a post that has been in my head since I thought about a gift, which I gave to my good friend in Cleveland, which I do believe has her swinging from time to time.



  1. Organization is overrated but I keep trying to get there. My lack thereof is especially vexing this week as I try to locate all of the camping equipment.

  2. And all that jazz........

    Sounds good. With more than a decade invested into journalling on this computer, I look back at the different transformations my writing has undergone along the way. In spite of those times when you wonder if "the well hasn't run dry", other than prayer, putting one's thoughts down on "paper" is still the most relaxing, medicinal forms of occupying oneself that I can imagine. To do so while listening to a bit of jazz in the background doesn't sound bad, either.....

  3. Kathryn... who needs all of the equipment?

    Jim... I hope a weekly schedule of writing on my passions will keep the blood flowing

  4. OK, I have done my best to catch up. And yes, I love my jazz CDs!


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