Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jazz on Tuesdays... 3 great jazz tweets to follow

I entered the land of Twitter to promote our business, which I have, but I have also found my way into a land of jazz lovers and players. Here are some great folk who make me smile on twitter.

When I met the woman behind Elements of Jazz, she didn't have a blog, but now she does and if you want to get an education, check it out. Although it may seem to her that I have seen every jazz performer, I have not come close. But with her help I will know many more to check out in concert or on-line. Tweet with her

Curt's Jazz Cafe. The man's blog told me all about all the CD's I had not bought in 2009 and so I knew all about Sharel Cassity when I was at the Central PA friends of Jazz fest in June. What I dig most about Curt is the music he plays through my computer at his live365 location. Now he is introducing me to George Garzone and it sounds good. Tweet with him

and lets end with a jazz vocalist, who I hope to see one day, Elli Fordyce . The first purchase of a CD of a twitter discovered artist was her "Songs Spun From Gold." When it floats up on my iPod as I commute home, it makes for a joyous trip home. Tweet with her


  1. You're right, Curtis and Elli are fabulous!

    It has been a pleasure tweeting with you about jazz, birds and nature.

    Thank you for including me with two great people, Wayne. :)

  2. Donna... ahhh, but who is the wonderful woman who introduced me to so many good folk, yes, that would be you.


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