Monday, July 19, 2010

Science Mondays... Fuzzy Logic and Craft Shows

Three days a week, students enter my classroom after lunch, at which point I tell them some things about the history of science and then give them time to read silently.

Last Thursday they requested a game of hangman, and I nearly won by using Fuzzy Logic.

In 1965 Lotfi A. Zadeh played with numbers and much has happened since with what mathematicians call fuzzy logic. The short paragraph of the book I am reading said that before his work computers could only do yes or no. And as we know life just isn't that simple.

Mosaic Woman and I will consider doing a craft show. I swear we make it as simple as, is the weekend free? Yes, we do it.

It was nearing 5pm on Sunday and it was time to pack up. It is a mindful time and I enjoy how we don't rush. Plenty of time to stop by the flag poll to joke with new friends, who are staying out of the way of another new friend who is also packing.

But on this night parameters started setting in...

hmmm we will be done packing around 6:30, over two hour drive home, no dinner yet. We don't even consider what I knew, there would be a ton of cars headed home after a weekend in the Poconos and what we didn't know... there was a bad accident farther south. And now I start thinking about an 8 am staff meeting and unpacking a car late at night.

maybe it is best if we just look at the calender and say, "Yes, we can do that show."

interested on the man and his math...


  1. For many years I have stated that, while I believe "truth" is "black and white", our attempt to know it is marked by a grey area to either side of the line. I always thought the grey area was called grace. Now you tell me it is "fuzzy logic". Whatever one calls it, it "works for me".....

  2. Jim... you made me smile, my friend.

  3. I guess it wouldn't help you, like Zadeh suggested, to do away with the boxes? He reminds me of Buckminster Fuller who designed the geodesic dome and tried to convince home builders to do away with the "boxes" we call houses. He was a man way ahead of his time.

  4. Grace is a grey area! I love that...

    But there is also something about that full "yes" to living in the moment, unshadowed by long drives and accidents and unpacking that is so very difficult to do (without that grace...) at least for me.

  5. walk2write... God calls us to do away with boxes

    Michelle... the main thing was realizing very late in the show about what time we would get home, and wondering why I had not thought about that before. I do dig doing shows, even in the heat today.


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