Monday, July 26, 2010

Chronology of Science by Lisa Rezende - Science Mondays

Sometimes things fall into your life when you aren't even looking for them, but there I was passing under...

to get to the Science and Religion section of a great bookstore in Harrisburg, PA- The Midtown Scholar Bookstore. Just weeks before our trip to the jazz festival trip I had suggested a history of science class for this summer. Chronology of Science by Lisa Rezende has been a time saving life saver of a random find while browsing shelves. Have you ever had such a find?

We have been concentrating on the most recent 50 years to show the students what has happened since The Pathway School opened its doors, but today I had the students throw out random page numbers so we ended up visiting several centuries before the period was over.

What this book has shown me is my general ignorance when it comes to chronology. I keep telling myself that surely that was invented/discovered/performed/ well after that date.

Anyone with an interest in how science has unfolded would truly dig this book.


  1. I love the Midtown Scholar! And I'm glad you came out with such a great find.

  2. There's a game built around chronology.... I had never heard of it until I played it over the Memorial Day holiday.... (If you ask me the name of it, I will tell you, "I'll have to get back to you.") But it was fun! Not all science , but all about chronology... a palatable way...

  3. Mrs M... the new location is an amazing building. Thanks for the visit.

    Giggles... let me know... could do something with the book at school.


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