Thursday, July 8, 2010

Return to Frugality

well kind of...

Mosaic Woman and I have almost always lived within our means, well there was the time 14 years ago. We had planned two big vacations and then I had been told that due to budget cuts I had taught my last day. Confident that I could find a teaching job, we went and charged as I vacated the job search to go away and have fun. Well the credit card bills came, but no job was had when the schools opened in September. Before October hit I had found a job, MW quit hers and we headed 2 hours south. Our lives would be transformed. Church, Gardening, Jazz, Home ownership, ... came into our lives.

On Tuesday, MW sadly learned what it is like to be told to pack up her office. She had survived several rounds of lay-offs, but apparently while we were vacationing in DC, her job had come to an end. There was no time to say good bye, but her supervisor was gentle and caring.

There was a time period when we envisioned early retirements if we could live extremely frugal, but soon we grew tired of that life and went back to saving money and having fun. Well we will continue to have fun, but the jazz concerts will decrease, the eating out will become more special, and the beer may not be from Belgium or Germany.

As my tag line says... life will unfold. We will continue our discussions to decide what is most important and try to live in the midst of this uncertainty with a new budget.

and get this... I am having a ton of fun teaching English and math this summer, and though you won't understand, one student will clearly remember that one can find a 4 under negative 5 pound weights.


  1. I am SO glad you traveled this way before the bad news,and hope that the trip left you free and clear of debt. {{{Mosaic Woman}}}

  2. I hope that this will lead to a new path that will bring you both joy!

  3. I hope Mosaic Woman finds a better path and soon. Beer is beer - maybe you could start some homebrew.

  4. Robin... I too am glad that the Ohio trip and DC vacation came before the news.

    Kitchen Sink Gal... thanks, and how about some more blogging from your end?

    Kathryn... thanks, and it is a good thing you live in a town with a certain jazz festival or I might say something nasty about that beer comment ;')

  5. Our life in His hands. Somehow it all always seems to work out okay.

  6. Hey - I had nothing but confidence in your homebrew. It's a biological thing after all and I have friends who make amazing beer!

  7. Jim and Robin, as a wise saint once said... All things may be well.

    I am still the man of much hope with an occasional passing thought of not so much hope.


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