Saturday, July 10, 2010

peer pressure, got me ....

... doing things I love.

Since Mosaic Woman and I announced that she had lost her job, friends have been filling us with kindness through words and actions. We are often amazed at the number of good folk that have entered our lives since the move after my last job let me go. So let me say that this weekend, I am lucky enough to leave the house to do things I love because of invitations... that is the kind of peer pressure this dude needs (even if two came from guys named Dave)

The first is over... A man, who led me through the spiritual exercises of Ignatius, suggested breakfast. I suggested the West Main Diner. We both made brilliant suggestions.

Tomorrow afternoon we will walk half a block north and one block west to watch the final world cup game. I am loving those orange uniforms of the men from Netherlands, but no matter I truly dig that one country will experience a first ever win, that I will be watching a friend devour my refried beans while it happens, and that Mosaic Woman will be loving a promised grapefruit soda.

after the game we will drive to Bridgeport, PA to take on authentic Italian food at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church . My friend simply calls it "THE FEAST," with such exuberance in his tone, face, and spirit; that I just don't know how we could not go over and check it out. Like I said... peer pressure.

I hope friends have you out and about this weekend. It is a great way to feel blessed.

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