Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things 8 ~ Holiday Music

During my nearly 50 years I have listened to many a type of music and it truly shows once a year when I remove the jazz from iPod and fill it with 800 plus holiday tunes. Irish fiddling, shape note singing, Gregorian chanting, rat pack crooning, piano jazz improvising, voices acapella-ing, Bing meeting Bowie, College choirs uniting...

Emmylou, Springsteen, Elvis, Brubeck, Lauper, Enya, Cash, and what about Nat King Cole singing in German and Latin, ....

This year we got three new ones ~ Dave Brubeck, Kenny Burrell, and Tracy Thorn (half of Everything But the Girl).

So, it's not Epiphany yet. What's playing where you are? 

Here is one that floated up several times this season and is now a favorite ~ 

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  1. We kept going back to our good old TSO, but I also really like traditional Christmas music, singing in choir, and just singing in the car to no music. (Our car CD player gave out about a year ago.)


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