Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mosaic Giveaway Coming To an End

Margaret Almon's Rainbow of Pendants
complimentary pairings
It has been an amazing list of characters that have helped support us for the past 24 months, which was the time we decided Mosaic Woman would end her job search, quit unemployment benefits, and emerge as a full-time artist.

Kerri Farley has been one of those characters.  If her name sounds familiar it could be you are well aware of her blog of nature photographs or my mention of how one of those photographs inspired my Blue Jay mosaic.  

Kerri wrote Mosaic Woman and suggested a giveaway to help build support of our work.  The giveaway ends this Monday, December 3rd, so head over to her post, which happens to feature amazing photos of the pendant Kerri purchased and loved so much she wanted the world to know about it.  


  1. We have a LOT entries! It's going to be FUN to find out who wins!! I'll keep it open thru midnight on December 3rd and I'll draw the winner on the 4th. I'll post the winner on the evening of the 4th or the morning of the 5th. My post tomorrow will also link to the Giveaway to give everyone One Last Chance :) This has been so much fun!!

  2. Kerri ~ would love to know the final count of folk who have entered. Thanks!

  3. Very pretty pendants! Hope all is well, I haven't been visiting blogs in a while. It's nice to come back and see such beautiful work :)

    1. Carol ~ considering the post Sandy image your absence was not unexpected. Hoping all is well. I did see you cooked something. I made a blackke bean and corn wrap this evening.


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