Monday, December 3, 2012

Which of the Polybus humours are you?

being sanguineous?
My students had the option of doing this or that today in the computer lab.  Those that chose this were met with some questions about the history of biology.  The discussion that emerged as they met the four humours and the personalities associated with them was at times more than I expected.  It also drew some students from the crowd who had chosen to do "that."  The students seemed ready to analyze each other as much as they were open to tackle their own humours.

The humours are part of a long history of humans attempt to classify personalities and this site concludes with matching Myers-Briggs to the humours.  I am ISTP, so the website suggests blood is my humour (better than one of those biles) and I am Sanguineous.  A word that baffled my students, but seems true of some time spent in the glass studio


  1. I don't think that I agree with Williams' grid at the end. As an I/ENFP (I literally go back and forth between the I and the E when I retake the test) I'm supposed to be Melancholic. So according to Eysenck's model, I am sober, rigid, moody, anxious, pessimistic... none of these are words that are regularly used to describe me. (I guess I DO like the earth and autumn, though. Hmm... ;-)

    1. Blackswamp Girl ~ You would think after all this time we would have this personality type thing under control. One student thought all four described their personality ;')

  2. Replies
    1. Michelle ~ I am sure at the quantum level all this is true.


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