Tuesday, September 15, 2009

finally... I am about to teach

after one travel day in which all my residential students were absent;

after two days of explaining science in general;

after one day of no classes as students learned about a new initiative;

I leap into physics and zoology tomorrow.

inspired by the physics book, I explained things this way to both classes...

Science is the human attempt to understand the order of nature. Religion is the human attempt to understand the purpose of nature. They are not the same. However, they are not polar opposites of which you have to pick one. A scientist who spends much energy trying to disprove the truths of a religion is as wrong in my book as a religious person who fights against what science has taught us.

(then having a plant or two handy)... I can look at this plant and wonder about how it grows and do an experiment to understand it better as a scientist. I can also look at this plant and be inspired by its beauty in a spiritual way. Neither way is wrong. Just two ways to witness the world. This class is about science, it is not about bashing religion.

of course the horticulture classes leaped into the garden instantaneously

... will get back to my retreat posts soon.


  1. What a cool way of explaining it! Does your school have a religion component?

  2. I wish more scientists shared your opionion.

  3. Kathryn--- I may be the religion component ;') the school is not religious in nature. I do not preach, but I refuse to allow the students to not see a human who sees the world in many ways.

    msklem--- but then you would be a parent of my students and I would avoid contact ;')

    Kievas, we really can't be alone... Kathryn is with us. The book I am using is very popular... Conceptual Physics by Paul G. Hewitt

  4. Ah, now you get to the meat and potatoes, eh? Makes me want to sit in on your classes, Wayne.

    For me, science is like Won Ton soup. It's not something I particularly crave but, once I've eaten some, I think: "That really hit the spot."

    I took my daughter's telescope out the last couple of nights to stare at Jupiter. It's insane to be able to see the stripes, the massive storm and some of the moons with a dinky little telescope like that. I get so excited that I keep running back into the house trying to drag the least willing (or not so willing) body out to see the latest changes.


  5. Arriving late to read what I consider a balanced, sane, and, as far as I'm concerned, a "spiritual" approach to the whole matter. We had our monthly service at the rescue mission last night and school has had my mind in a fog all week. Nonetheless, we were one in Him last night and some of what I said to them was rooted in what you say here. A great post, my friend....

  6. Daisy-- astronomy is a science, which as of this moment I have not taught.

    Jim-- thanks for showing up, your lack of presence here and at your site had me ready to query about your whereabouts

  7. science and religion have never been mutually exclusive for me: each deepens my understanding of the other. as with all things in life, it is maintaining the balance between the two that makes all the difference.

  8. Red--- balance is a cool thing, which is why that mysterious hymn blows my mind.. too far away from science.


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