Friday, September 4, 2009

drawing cards, part 1... seeing the list

Before I left for Wernersville (as I was facing the temptations)...

I decided I would once again draw cards for all those who were joining me for a week of silence. When I entered the house, I experienced this...
  1. a warm greeting from the Jesuit who guided me on my 2008 retreat (talk about exuberant folk!)
  2. a glance at an extremely long list.

I walked down to the message board and started counting... 64 folk including myself, plus a few cards for Margaret, a card for a friend, another for a past director, who is always booked by the time I register, but who always guides me to a wonderful director, and something for the director for 2009...

I thought maybe it was not possible.
Then as I unpacked, I thought of the feeding of the 5000. The message was loud and clear...

"Hey Stratoz quit looking for an excuse and listening to the wrong voice. The 5000+ didn't get fed at the same instant. Pace yourself, Be aware, You can do this...
"after all," the message went on, "you brought enough supplies and you have bandages to protect your thumb."



  1. What beautiful pictures, Wayne. I'm thinking if I ever went, I'd probably just sign on for a two or three year enlistment.....

  2. Jim--- thanks for the smile to start my Saturday... I think it takes even longer to become a Jesuit ;')

  3. OK, I have to go to Wernersville. How incredibly beautiful.

  4. A few years ago, I remember having a dream where I was in a long arch-filled outdoor passage exactly like the one you posted, Wayne. Feels like I've been there before.


  5. Gannet Girl--- it is beautiful. you would be welcomed, as all are.

    Daisy---- maybe a painting is in order.

  6. The light in those pictures is stunningly beautiful. I doubt I could be quiet for a week or even a day but those images are tempting.


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