Saturday, September 5, 2009

stained glass part 1---- before I left

(side note on temptations... not one moment on the computer after silence began, not one potato chip, infinite rambling thoughts)

Last night as I sat to do my examen, I was grateful for the joy of human conversation. I also wrote about how I was avoiding my glass studio. And when I thought about the next day I wanted to get into the studio. There were things to be taken into the studio. Amazing gifts from the retreat.
Weeks before I left on the retreat I had a thought. I keep talking about thoughts and because I am back in the land of the doubts, I am not saying what so amazed me as the retreat occurred. How many thoughts did I have leading up to that retreat and yet, the thought and the decision to take this...

took me to a deeper place, where I got to know myself and God.

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