Sunday, September 13, 2009

just plain baffled...

now I am baffled, because... Last Sunday I sang a hymn.

Well, I have a memory of singing a hymn, so I took Red's advice and went to the band and asked them what the closing hymn was the previous week. They showed me. I said, "That's not it. It started with a line about falling to one's knees and at the bottom of the music it said it was based on the third chapter of Ephesians." They pulled out their play list and we went through the whole service. Nothing.

was I dreaming? mystical experience? elaborate conspiracy to drive me loopy. I came home and talked to Mosaic Woman about the experience, and did one more quick google search for the hymn. I walked up stairs to my studio, pulled out a cassette from my past and this was the first song. and yes, this did happen and yes, I will let the mystery be. Mosaic Woman asked if I had chosen this song to play because of my experience at church. I hadn't.

Maybe an answer will arrive to explain what happened last Sunday. maybe it was a way to walk up the stairs at church and have someone in the band ask, "What instrument do you play?" Twelve hours earlier I had been talking to Mosaic Woman about how listening to an old guy play piano had yet again rekindled my desire to create music.
The song also took me back to a movie. A movie in which the song was used much to my delight. The beginning of Little Buddha...


  1. Well, I can't remember what we sang last week and was afraid to admit that fact although I was pretty sure I didn't sing anything about falling on one's knees.... What I did see, after taking communion, was one fellow on his knees for an extraordinary amount of time long I wasn't sure he was gonna get up for the recessional...! Deep in prayer, I assumed in gratitude, for gifts received while away on a spiritual journey.... Watching this fellow remain on his knees for so long (I kept looking over to see if he's gotten up yet?) brought tears to my eyes, imagining how grateful and lucky he was to have received something that I have not yet gotten....

  2. Giggles--- my brain still can't grasp onto what happened with the hymn I so clearly remember singing. The hymn you all were singing as I prayed was beautiful.


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