Thursday, September 10, 2009

time consideration... the Wernersville 2009 retreat

Tonight I had my first meeting with a spiritual director. In 80 minutes I managed to talk about the retreat which I began blogging about many days ago when I wrote about the last morning.

more this weekend.

school and jazz rule the day till then, but here is a thought...

Sunday I spent much of worship feeling out of sorts as I was getting used to the Episcopal service after 8 straight days with the Jesuits. Then the opening line of the final hymn had these words... I fell to my knees.

I thought that is familiar and I saw it was from Ephesians, the verse I shared on the first post about the retreat (see link above). Wonderful choice of a closing hymn if you ask me, but I forgot the name. feel free to help me out Holy Trinity folk.


  1. John Starnes once sung one about dreaming he went to heaven and a line in it went: "I fell on my knees and cried "Holy!Holy to the Son of God!" That's about all I can recall of it, though, and it's quite probably not the hymn you're looking for.....

  2. if the line was "i fell on my knees and help is on the way," could it be "(i've got) friends in high places," wayne? guess we'll ask the band tomorrow!

  3. Jim and Red, either of you could be right, but I think not, so will check with the band.


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