Friday, September 25, 2009

sometimes one is surprised... absense and light

First surprise... I just noticed I had not blogged since last Saturday. Work has been a bit demanding these first weeks. And my nights have been spent preparing for my physics and zoology class and cutting glass.

so inspired by Kathryn's favorite colors let me show you the last project I did before I left on the retreat. A new design ... abstract log cabin quilt.

This is how it looked as I pieced it together...

Then I let light shine through, and maybe never before was I so pleasantly surprised by a finished project...


  1. I recognize the "Saturday already?" mind-blowing realization, but also find myself amazed at how "simple" colors (in no way suggesting that what you do with glass isn't inspired) laid out in design can warm the heart and speak to one's soul...

  2. Yep. This piece is beautiful.

  3. Hey good folk---- thanks for the amazingly kind comments, but where is Kathryn? :') errands have been going into the studio before killing a monstrous amount of flowering weeds. Thanks.

  4. I'm here. I'm here. The last two days have been crazy busy but it's all good. Two days of MS science subbing plus two sporting events for ds2 and school open house for ds1 - a visit from my parents... Tonight is Oktoberfest!

    The stained glass is stunningly beautiful! The difference between the two pictures is surprising - it almost doesn't look like the same piece.

  5. Wow, you make me want to lock myself in the basement and if I just had a surface to create on...

  6. Kathryn---- I am glad you showed up... your schedule is daunting

    Msklem--- I don't know, is this neighborhood zoned for Episcopalian stained glass artists?


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