Sunday, September 27, 2009

going deeper... back on the boat

My first imaginative prayer involving a boat took me to this deep place. But my spiritual director kept insisting I take what was happening and go deeper. She desired that what was happening on this retreat would be deeply rooted, so she sent me back to a boat, to Jesus.
Luke 5:1-11 Jesus is preaching, "when he caught sight of two boats."
Simon/Peter says, "Leave me Lord I am a sinful man."

Simon is on one of the boats and his response comes when he receives a great gift, by going deep. Throw those nets into the deep water. What will you find? Will your calling be found? Will your name be changed? Will you tell the giver to leave you alone?

The meditation read... "I ask the Lord to show me where he is calling me to put out anew; to go deeper into my calling"
So I ask God, is it this, is it that, is it here, is it there. When I pause, I get an answer... two words: stained glass.

So I say, but I have gone deeper God, I blog, cut, facebook, design, flickr, solder, twitter, foil, grind, newsletter, craft show ... where else can I go?

Peter says, "there are no fish in this sea"
God says, "but what underlies this business, go deeper, throw in the nets, look at the pile of thank you notes piling up on your desk. Go deeper and think about how I have called you to bring joy, peace, and hope into the lives of those you come upon in your life. Go deeper. Where does your love for design, color and glass come from? Go deeper, what are you going to do with this gift? When you go into your studio, do you give thanks for these talents? Do you accept the fact that your art can touch lives? Go deeper."
I say, "Leave me Lord, I am a sinful man."
God says, "Be quite fool. Listen. This is why I told you to bring stained glass to Wernersville. This is why I gave you the strength to make over 60 cards. Make stained glass."
a few hours later, I unwrap a new eraser, which I had bought 4 hours before leaving on the retreat, and pick up a pencil. I imagine a design in my head. After not designing stained glass patterns all week, I will leave the retreat with one...



  1. to commission means to've been entrusted!

  2. Michelle---- and it can be a bit scary. thanks for scaring me. ;')

  3. And the adventure continues.....


  4. Deep thoughts, Wayne. My own sense of "calling" came to me while mowing my front lawn one evening; and all these years later, while parts of it yet remain a mystery, the reality of it is as if it were yesterday...

  5. Daisy--- when it ends will have to go back to my non-mountain top adventures.

    Jim--- I don't think I have heard this lawn mower story, have I???

  6. That's okay, Wayne. The valley is a fertile place.


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