Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things 7 ~ Diners, especially The West Main in Lansdale

There is a running story/joke that Mosaic Woman likes to tell about how I never "even had Chinese food" before I met her.  My family did not eat out that much and when we did it tended to be diners.  Now Mosaic Woman has introduced me to Chinese and Thai and Indian, and Mexican, and ...

However, I introduced Mosaic Woman to diners and ever since the West Main Diner moved into Lansdale, it has become the world  headquarters of Nutmeg Designs.  

Warm colored walls and booths sure did help to draw us back for comfort food.  The friendly staff and usually no need to rush helps us to think through things.

At the beginning of my break, we met to plan out the rest of 2012.   Today as we ate breakfast and lingered over coffee, (essential for brainstorming), we made plans for 2013.  Goals for the year.  Hopes for Nutmeg Designs.

Oh and one more thing, I may be a bit biased by the owner's (well the male of the couple) first name and what greets me at the top of the specials every morning we convene a meeting ~


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    1. Valerie ~ thanks. Hope many joys come your way in 2013

  2. Oh, I'm chuckling over that last little insight! So glad you were able to finally get out in the world and enjoy all kinds of cuisine, although diners are sometimes as good as home. Where in the world would you be without Mexican food?!?


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