Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for French Onion Soup with some Frim Fram Sauce

photo by me

Came home from work today to find two bags sitting on our table. The bags were from the Alice Bakery located in nearby North Wales, PA. Slightly tempted, I was chewing on a piece of the baguette as I walked up stairs to get the business news from Mosaic Woman (weekday ritual), who blogged F is for 45.

I had asked her to get some good bread to go with our soup and succeeded for sure. The other bag had a chocolate croissant that was devoured with our early evening coffee.

As for the Frim Fram Sauce, apparently it does not exist (non-exhausted research) and it took to this day to finally find that out. Thank God for the A to Z Challenge. Nat King Cole made it big, so lets hear it from the man and listen till the end for the punch line delivered to the waiter:



  1. I'm thinking that the recipe should be provided for that awesome looking soup... something great to enjoy with Nat :-)

  2. Valerie--- thinking Mosaic Woman threw the soup together from her imagination and from past soups made from recipes.

  3. French onion soup! I usually get it from Friday's or some other restaurant; but, after looking at your picture, I'm thinking they leave a lot to be desired. The Nat Cole song is one I've never heard before, too. Must be from his early days.....

  4. Jim--- thanks. I learned of the tune through Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.

  5. Lynda--- thanks for the visit. The cool thing is that she made enough for 3 meals, the sad thing is that was the third meal

  6. I'm giggling at your last comment, that Mosaic Woman made enough for three meals, but this was the third, and then I see my word verification: alienmyl... hmmmmmmmmm....

  7. Snowcatcher--- I think us bloggers sometimes use word verifications as modern day tea leaves


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