Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for Photos by Purpleface and Paul

My photos don't do them justice, but I love the work by these photographers and I am glad that now that P has rolled around (doing O tomorrow) I remembered that I wanted it to be for two great photographers.

Paul Grecian is one of those people who it is an honor to be at a craft show with because his work is amazing. We loved his work even before we did our first show, before he became our friend, before I lined up to spend this Friday hanging out with the man at one of my favorite places.

Mosaic Woman allowed me the pleasure of picking out one of his photos, we chose Seating For Two ( I say we because I knew she loved the photo and waxwings). But I got to say that Downward Facing Dog (not what you will expect) among others were high on the list.

Friend Paul's art at Facebook.

Purpleface (Sarah Lewis) first entered my life at Flickr, then twitter, then facebook, then my studio. Well her photo is there and it has a special location on the top of a very special book case. On the side of the case are notes from a retreat at The Jesuit Center. Below the photo are many types of stained glass and below that my collection of books on spirituality... That white grid thing is where I cut glass, so Purpleface is close by when I am cutting and grinding glass.

Purpleface said something kind about a stained glass heart I had made, so I thought: Fair Trade Across the Atlantic. But then I had to choose a photo. Life can be hard when you hang out with such talented folk. It was not the speediest of transactions but it sure was joyful when we each finally had art from the other.

The photo is called Crisp, and a much more crisp shot can be seen here.

Friend her art at Facebook. She is one of the best friends I have never met.


  1. Yes, it only took about 3 months to reach you! Still never found out where that first print went but I'm so glad the second one reached you okay :) Maybe one day you will have a matching pair! The heart still hangs proudly in the window & it will do for quite some time if not forever :)
    Take care Wayne & hello to Paul too, you have some amazing work, I am most definitely a fan :)

  2. Sarah---- Thanks for being such a great flickr friend and then for loving the heart. Two important starting points to this story. Glad I could introduce you to Paul.

  3. OK, I am finally going to start catching up here.

    That heron photo is extraordinary. But I have no idea about its title.

  4. Robin---the title is a Yoga pose

  5. You do seem to draw in the coolest people. I love how the internet has made it possible to form friendships where we never would be able to set foot!

  6. Robin--- ;')

    Snowcatcher---- tis a blessing, and in 10 minutes, Paul the photographer is picking me up for a day trip to amazing gardens--- Longwood!


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