Sunday, April 24, 2011

T is for Tree Views

47 264/365 Oregon 1992 -- Resting tree

This photo showed up in my Oregon post this past Wednesday. It's back

I remember the amazement of coming across this scene. and that may be the best way to view it.

But I also have to wonder about the force it took for the water to place it there. The reoded hillside says more about that force. I wonder how intertidal critters have reacted to a tree being thrown into their space. Where did it die? What current brought it to this beach? Was it a storm or just a normal high tide that lifted it up.

And what would an artist make of this. How many other lifted cameras. What would happen if one lifted a brush to paint it on canvas? And a poet, essayist, or story teller would create what if that sat down and lifted their pencils to the scene.

But it is Easter and I am thinking about the spiritual force needed to lift up all men and women.

May scientific, artistic, and spiritual folk continue to see this world and share their responses with me.

And of course one must consider jazz too:

ahh, may your dreams tonight be filled with trees...



  1. Reminiscent of a child's plaything tossed aside. Perhaps a giant idly poking in the water tired of his diversion or was called in to lunch.


    You have a very wonderfully curious eye.

  2. Valerie--- thanks, strangely I was feeling a bit down when I wrote so much about being lifted up

    Lynn --- Thanks for lifting up some joyful thoughts inspired by my photo.


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