Friday, April 22, 2011

R is for Rivetto, a fine way to toast a Big Date

Mosaic Woman, who posted on Rukeyser, and I went to Philly yesterday to spend some of the money in a big date fund. The date: to celebrate the 24th anniversary of our first date on the full moon of April.

The meal we had was at Tria where you can share tapas with a person you have shared your life. We had had a sweet snack earlier in the big date and had refrained from alcohol with the meal, so we went with some dessert wine. I was enticed by one that had bark in it. The Rivetto Winery makes a variety of Barola, called chinato, which is unique because of the inclusion of Quinine Bark (translated in Italian as china, hence the wines name chinato). Who knew?

Anyway, the fund--- if our mosaic and stained glass business has a good month, which means we have made enough sales to add a required deposit into our regular budget and to cover business expenses, then we put a percentage of what is left into the big Date Fund, with which we can occasionally go hear some jazz or have a beverage from Italy.



  1. Happy Anniversary ... sounds like a great evening. And I love, love, love your Big Date Fund -- fantastic idea!

  2. Hello jayaycee--- Thanks, I love it too. This years budget was a hard one to make, so it was a joy to make that fund. Thanks for the visit


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