Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Light Out of Darkness

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Strange day at work. Something was happening that made many people think I should be happy, and maybe I could have been happy about it, but I was more on the bitter side of things. Then a student asked, "Why are we bothering to do this?" and hope emerged, "Because maybe in the future we will be ..." It was a moment of light that lifted me up a bit.


In 1801 Thomas Young theorized that humans could not see all the wavelengths of light. He was right. There are animals that can see what we can't, but we can see more than most mammals, which as a group lost color vision--- don't use it, you will lose it--- because they were nocturnal. But a mutation gave us the chance to emerge from darkness, and a primate took it and made a run for it.


I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12).


In 1993 Shirley Horn released a CD called Light Out of Darkness. Can you imagine a better title to a tribute to Ray Charles? Can you imagine Ray Charles singing with a frog?


  1. I really liked this one, Wayne, Kermit and Ray both huge favorites of mine, but also your speaking of finding "light" in a moment of just another day.....

  2. Finding any light, especially on a dark day, is always inspirational.

    I find it apt that the word verification is 'pause' for this post - if we all paused now and then, we would maybe spot something we would usually miss.

  3. Jim---- The light has really taken on the bitterness. I am in a much better place. Thanks.

    Tundiel--- pausing is a wonderful thing to do, though it felt right to rush into bitterness. Thanks.

  4. Wonderful "L" post; it was great to read about your moment of light.

  5. Golden Eagle--- thank you, may you be blessed with moments of light yourself

  6. I've been wanting to peek at this one ever since I saw the "Out of Darkness" because I knew it would be good. And it was. Reminded me, also, of the Gloria Estefan song after her bus accident and miraculous recovery. Thanks for an inspirational post!


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