Friday, April 29, 2011

Y is for 7 Yellow Flowers

PK Iris view 3

47-- 8/365. Lady bug that emerged

47  224/365  The Tiger Crowed

macro of an early sunrise

live mantis on fading susan 1

variegated aloe flowers

first bloom on ice plant


  1. OMG, Wayne, you must have a fabulous garden.

    Love the shot of the mantis, even better than the subsequent one. Is this before, or after, he (she?) lost his spects?

  2. Valerie and Ruth, 4 are from home, two work, and the orchid is from Longwood Gardens. The close up of the mantid in the Z post was the final shot of the series I took.

  3. Your photography is just plain gorgeous. Love the crispness and the shadows and the colors. I could go on and on. Beautifully done!

  4. jayaycee--- thanks for the kind words. For me it is being aware of what wants to be photographed, then take lots of photos of it and hope one is a winner.


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