Monday, April 25, 2011

U is for Utterly Unexpected Utterance

47  249/365  a new cross design by Margaret

And though some may feel I am going to talk about my late night rambles, which I think make me adoring; or my left turns into nonsense inside my classroom, which clearly make me entertaining ... I am not going there.

A few days ago we were checking the Google Analytic stats to see what keywords have brought those who search the internet, to our Etsy Shop.

"How to mosaic like Margaret Almon" Is someone out there copying Mosaic Woman's style? Now we find that kind of flattering. Maybe they were just wondering what substrates, glue, and glass she uses. We will most likely never know.

But this came to mind: Being John Malkovich.

So for my Utterly Unexpected Utterance: I have been searching for a portal that will allow people to enter into Mosaic Woman's mind so they can obtain her mosaic secrets. There will be a hefty fee and it will likely drop you out in a SEPTA Regional Rail maintenance area.

But instead, I encourage folk to be inspired by the art you love but to play with your art. Enjoy being yourself and have a good day of it.

peace and hope and also the joy of playing with colors


  1. Aaaah, playing with colors... no better way to spend the day!

    It is weird, some of the keywords people use to get to individual sites, but I think that Mosaic Woman search tops the chart!

  2. snowcatcher--- hope you have had a day filled with playful colors

  3. What a fun connection. And cool.

    Oh, and I have to tell you about the weirdest thing that happened the other day, and then it turned out not to be so weird after all.

    I was checking my stats on my site meter gadget thing, and suddenly hits spiked! In fact they skyrocketed. After several hours of thousands of hits per hour, all using the same google search word of "Audubon" I realized it was (drum roll . . . . big DUH . . . ) about to be John James Audubon's birthday on April 26. Hehe. They were coming to my site and looting a portrait of Audubon by Syme I had looted from wiki. My stats for one 24 hour period were 56,000 hits, 1/4 of my total for more than five years!


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