Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for Hopes of 2011 Revisited

47  148/365  Peace Be with You

I started the year with many a hope. Here is how they are going:

1. Bicycling: trying to imagine the time to fit this in but also trying to imagine not getting onto a bike this summer. I tried to exercise a bit more this winter, we will see.

2. The Examen: to say I have done it every night would be a lie, but getting off the computer earlier has led to more drumming and more praying.

3. Thanksgiving--- No Craft Shows, No Craft Shows, No Craft Shows.

4. Gardening: I did get out to clean up the front yard and have much gumption to do more. March was cold and wet unlike last year when Spring emerged much faster than expected.

5. Hospitality: We have had some friends over. Failed to get some others over. Made future plans with a friend and hope to invite more.

6. Year of the Mandalas: I sold the only peace mandala I have made (yes, I need to make another) and have sold one Dr Ed Mandala. Our mosaic mandalas have been drawing folk into the booth at our 2011 shows and some have been drawn into new homes in the process.

7. Jazz: Snows, which closed some local districts 5 or more times, only closed us once, so our school year has not been extended which means we may yet make it to the Rochester Jazz Festival this year. Tonight, Bobby Zankel plays at MCCC.

8. We have left outer space and I have been enjoying teaching about this amazing planet to my students. Latest topic was Fridays lesson on upwelling, or when cold rises and fish bloom.

9. Eating in: We have been doing more of it as required by our budget. Can't wait to have veggies from our back yard and from Lansdale's farmers market. As I sit here Mosaic Woman is making me waffles and was that the coffee grinder that is calling my name. I am as bad as a cat with a can opener.

10. Declutter. With the help of the FlyLady, we are doing much better at this. Though I need to help more with this life changing challenge.

and as for this hope that emerged, maybe I should grab my binoculars and ....

How is your 2011 emerging?


  1. I "hope" that your day is going well. It sounds like it already is :)

  2. Those bright colors are good for my soul. It's still chilly here, and overcast. I want sun and warm. But I will get out and walk in any event. And I need to clean up the sticks and clutter in the yard, so good for you.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Planning is the first step to achieve your hopes. Good luck with it.

    I stopped by after seeing your #AtoZ Twitter post. If you have a chance, check out my H post on Historical Humor.


  4. Valerie-- the weekend was a good one, thanks.

    Ruth---- hope you started the outdoor cleanup.

    Joyce--- thanks for the visit.

  5. Lots of changes going on here, most of them welcome but nonetheless a little jarring. Now that's a good word to add to tomorrow's post:)

    I'm so glad you stopped by to say hi.

  6. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.
    Go to and pick up your award.

  7. Walk2Write--- thanks for the return visit. Hope the jarring smooths out a bit.

    Deirdra--- Thanks for l;ooking around


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