Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Man of Hope

I try to see myself as a man of hope, but somethings surely test your reserve.

Loving the word, I did a collaboration with Mosaic Woman in which I designed and cut out the letters and she made a mosaic. Now we also made ones that said JOY and sold a few, we made a few that said GARDEN and sold one.

The three HOPE's did nothing. So we donated one to a good cause and I kept tweeting about the others. Nothing.

In July I sat in the 95 degree heat all day inside our booth and as I looked at one of the HOPE panels, all I felt was despair. Seeing imperfections that obviously were causing them not to sell.

This past week Rosie Whimsy , who makes wonderful skirts and such by hand, was so inspired by our pink HOPE mosaic that she made an Etsy treasury called 'The Color of Hope" It did not sell.

Hope was also fading in general because over at Etsy, our shop slowed down after MW was laid off, But sometimes you need a Friday the 13th to pick things up. We have sold 7 items in 9 days. and yes... a HOPE sold today, as did a JOY, as well as two pendants to a good friend.

not much HOPE left... only the one at the top of the post


  1. So glad the shop sales are picking up. That gives us all "Hope" It such a beautiful sign. I hope you do more! Christmas is right around the corner :-)

  2. thanks Rosie, I hope all my blogger friends check out you site.

  3. My word verification is "bions." I'm hoping it becomes "buy-ons" for you and your MW. Is this HOPE a pendant or something to hang on the wall? I can't tell from the pic.

  4. walk2write... Thanks. One would need a strong neck... it is on a piece of slate... 12" x 6"


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