Monday, August 9, 2010

remembering the joy of discovery: science Mondays

and the answer to the question I asked of my students who opted for something different.... 0.31 ounces per cubic inch

I have talked about discussing the history of science with some of my students this summer. As I read through the major events of the 60's, 70's, and 80's; it took me back to my days of studying science in college 81-86 (yes, I ventured into a five year plan).

It wasn't a memory of where or exactly when I heard it, but more of the thrill of finding out how nature operated. It was an emergence.

This past year I came across the news that 6 atoms of a new element had been produced. I was reminded about how new elements are brought into being by scientists. So I ask you, what I asked my students, "Do you know how to create something new?"

I hope I am instilling a thrill of discovery to some of my students.



  1. Nice! I've been exploring how elements form in supernovae due to curiosity piqued by NPR story on gold. Good stuff.

  2. Duh....I wasn't even aware that scientists were "creating" new elements. Interesting post, Wayne...

  3. Kathryn and Jim... thanks for the visit... I used to think that when they "discovered" a new element they found it in some dark corner of the Earth.


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