Sunday, August 8, 2010

a simple question

HOPE a panel-- stained glass framed with recycled wood

a long blog post flowed through my mind while at church, but a day and evening of writing progress reports on my students took priority (with some long breaks in my glass studio).

so let me ask, if ... "faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."...

then what do you hope for?

and maybe in the future I will go deeper.


  1. Healing, for myself and others, and the wholeness and joy that come from it.

  2. For me, hope is an eternal spring that God has put within us all, a vital part of who we are that often gets handed a backseat to faith. The verse you quote, for example, notes faith as being "an assurance", not something I must pump up and create on my own, but a trust gained in the journey. I hope to be able to see all six grandkids graduate from school. I hope this country survives to be a "source" of hope for them as it has been for me. I have faith, however, that God will go with them no matter what the future holds if they but elect to keep Him first in their life, for so I have found Him faithful in mine...

  3. Mrs. M and Jim --- Healing is one of my hopes for sure, and I have the faith that God is with us when we are in need of it and may just be hoping we heal too.

  4. To tread lightly, and be part of a better tomorrow for the whole planet.

    (I don't hope for much, do I?!)

  5. Blackswamp Girl... a better tomorrow would be good, I woke up this morning feeling dizzy and nauseous


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