Thursday, August 19, 2010

Crafting on Thursdays- doodling with glass

Mosaic Woman recently posted about our wedding day and handmade gifts. The question she posed was, "What is your favorite handmade gift?" Two of my favorites are a quilt given to me from my grandmother and a mosaic cross. If you twist the question to what is the favorite handmade gift you gave someone else... it may be what is hanging at the top of the stairs...

which simply says... "A Wedding Doodle" and was given to Mosaic Woman back in 1992 (colors in photo are awful)

So what I have desired from the beginning is to transform my doodles into stained glass, but I have struggled to do this. Then I had an idea and it stayed in my head for many months. But with some help from Mosaic Woman, I took this ...

and I cut out all those shapes, glued them to glass, cut and gound, cut and grouns and with a pile to work with, I started gluing down a mosaic, which is now waiting for grout. Here is how it started. That center piece was Mosaic Woman's idea...


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