Sunday, August 22, 2010

music unfolds with me and neither of us are linear

I know folk my age, who listen to the music we dug in high school, which I guess was modern then, but classic now. And there are still days after work that I desire a good tune from the 70's. When I was in college I came across what was considered alternative and then while in Illinois a rather hip radio station made for a return to me listening to modern rock... can you say grunge?

Lately I stumbled across a modern rock station (104.5 wrff) and while I am so out of the loop I have never heard of many of the bands they play, some bands from my modern rock days of college and of Illinois are still around or considered hip enough to be played.

During the morning commutes this week I discovered they play love to play cover tunes, which clearly shows jazz musicians are not the only ones who make a tune their own.

one from back in the day... and yes, I have some music by the Fine Young Cannibals on cassettes, which I have packed away. Here they do a song from farther back in time when Elvis was King, OK, he still may be king???

Actually in my mom's side of the family, Johnny Cash was king. I really dug Social Distortion's (now there is a name I would have way dug back in the day) take on Ring of Fire... and I got a feeling Johnny would have too.


  1. There was a time when my wife would have crawled on her hands and knees to get to wherever Johnny Cash might be. We both have mellowed, my own tastes a mixture and dependant upon whatever mood I happen to be in. My favorite genre, though, remains those tunes from the generation before me, the Sinatra, Fitzgerald, etc classics...

  2. Jim... we drove to see Johnny! seems like our favored genre has come to be at the same place.

  3. Loved this version of Ring of Fie.

  4. I have always loved the song Suspicious Minds esp. that cover by the FYC. Thanks!

  5. Robin and Kathryn... glad you liked the tunes! it was an interesting thing to put into my head before the retreat


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