Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Joni Mitchell's Standards... Jazz on Tuesday

When Mosaic Woman and I walk into the Doylestown library together, I head straight to the jazz CD's, books are second for me. One of the first CD's I took out of there was Wild For You by jazz singer Karrin Allyson, on which she covers two Joni Mitchell tunes. Since Joni may have been my earliest jazz memory/purchase, I was glad to see she was being covered on new jazz releases.

so here we go...

Fellow Canadian jazz pianist and vocalist, Diana Krall does this classic...

Dave Douglas comes through with this Joni tune...

That Mingus CD I mentioned last week, featured a pianist I had never heard of ... Herbie Hancock (at 70+ he is still a creative force). I thought I had blogged about his incredible tribute to Joni Mitchell, but I can't find it (anyone out there remember me doing such a thing???)

anyway, on that River CD, Tina Turner provides the guest vocals on one of my favorite tunes of those days in my parent's basement, back when I mellowed out to Joni ...

Do you have a favored Joni tune?
... leave a comment my friends


  1. I especially like "Come in From the Cold."

    Then again, everyone knows I have dubious taste.

  2. Well, all that was thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks for the post :)

  3. Mrs. M... I would use no other word to describe your taste ;')

    Valerie... glad I could bring some joy your way


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