Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jazz on Tuesdays... following the Moon

Opryland Hotel: Delta Moon Jazz Club Sign

Last night I blogged about what happened when my spiritual director directed me to a lunar happening. Well, what does one do after experiencing nature so fully. Well you listen to jazz of course and maybe drink a Belgium ale while your at it.

So I pulled out my iPod and searched "moon" and made a new set list that contained 49 songs covering over 30 tunes.

The retreat was centered around, Sophia, or Wisdom. It was a return to the director who had introduced me to Sophia soon after I started this blog. One thing I had carried with me from that time was that Sophia is given 21 attributes in The Book of Wisdom and I read somewhere that 21 was especially Holy as it emerged from three times seven. So in honor of Wisdom, the Moon, Jazz, and the number 21, I will post three moon jazz tunes for seven straight days. Here we go with the three that popped up the most on my iPod...

Moon Inspiration
Moon Jazz 2
Moon Jazz 3
Moon Jazz 4
Moon Jazz 5
Moon Jazz 6
Moon Jazz 7


  1. Thanks tonight for the bedtime music :), and also the info on "21" --

  2. Christin... it was often bed time music for myself while I was the retreat.

  3. I'm crazy about Nat King Cole, so you've started my morning off well.

  4. Mrs M--- I think Nat King Cole covered every moon song ever written, shall we count are blessings!


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