Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays--- no excuse except being quarterless

47 18/365   no excuses
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  1. somebody is making some money off this thing?!? wow!

  2. Geez, when I was in grade school, they had machines like that, and pencils were a nickel. For 2, I think.

    I hope you do dust off your bike! You'll have to take the camera along and show us your ride!

  3. deb... not me, I'm innocent as always

    snowcatcher... if I dust it off will because of old and new friends who are sharing their joy. check this out

  4. A quarter is affordable for the kids to buy. At our school they want 50 cents for one!

  5. Hmmmm Point Of View
    Interesting Verses
    Nicely Captured
    Me Heart :)

  6. Icy... 50 cents!

    Quave... thanks for the visit


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