Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Science Mondays... spider watching

I am not saying that I did not gaze up at stars when I was a child or that a full moon does not catch my eye, however, space never fascinated me like what was at my finger tips.

Lately I have been remembering spider watching. In the darkness of night, grab a flashlight and start shining it here and there. If your brain works like mine, then you will be amazed.

I am several hours past the end of Monday as I write this "Science Monday" post. Invited to a peach pie bake off took precedent last night, but I was wondering what I would blog about as Mosaic Woman and I drove home. But there it was in the midst of an amazing web stretching from our fence into my neighbor's Dogwood tree...

47 17/365  spider watch

Yesterday I did lots of prepping (as predicted here) to teach about the universe this coming school year. And I wonder if I would have been more inclined to have a passion for the world beyond our atmosphere if images like these would have danced inside my (young) developing brain...


  1. BRAVO Spiderama
    Awesome Macro
    Me Heart :)

  2. I'm still contemplating the gorgeous web that was hung like a hammock under the dock when we returned from a week's sail yesterday!


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