Friday, August 13, 2010

Fridays in PA: PASA: Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

Small farms and the folk who try to raise our food here in PA have a great friend or should I say advocate in PASA. Since 1992 this organization has been giving them a voice in Harrisburg, promoting their products, giving them educational opportunities, and running a very cool convention at Penn State University. I am proud to say we have supported them for years and I have been to two conventions.

It is through them that I know there is even such a thing as a micro-dairy. Farmers have become empowered to celebrate what they do on whatever scale they do it.

I am also here to report that August is Pennsylvania Produce Month. So here is a photo taken in February of hydroponic lettuce grown by one of our favorite growers, who is selling this summer at the Lansdale Farmer's Market...

47--- 13/365   Jett's Hydroponic Lettuce ... Jett's Produce

So I am hoping you got a craving for fresh produce, whether you live in Pennsylvania or not, LOCAL HARVEST is the website which will find you a place close to home.

may you be blessed with a meal of fresh local veggies which are bursting with flavor.

and finally, those who know me know that thinking about a blog post can bring a tune into my head...


  1. Hooray for local! Thank you for that link--I found some references around El Paso (but mostly Las Cruces, NM, which is 45 min up the road). I'd like to check them out with my mom and dad when we visit in Sept.

  2. Lynn... I have been to both places, El Paso is where Mosaic Woman's mom grew up, so she and I visited her grandmother. glad I could be of help.


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