Sunday, August 15, 2010

prepping for teaching, silence, and pizza

I am not well known for my plans, though I have them, well kind of, well they are floating around in my brain and as they float by I tweak them till another thought distracts me. Slowly my plans come into shape.

But I have this week coming up, which when I signed my contract was going to be the 7th week of teaching, but then the powers that reign above me decided the students would only be there for six. I was given the option of being paid and showing up, or not being paid and staying away. I went for the money and with Mosaic Woman being laid off, that was a fine decision.

So I have five days in my classroom alone, except for the two Daves, who are in the same position. I am teaching a new science class again this year... Earth and Space Science, or what I will call The History of the Universe. And I have a week to prepare. I could get a lot done

On Friday I looked at my classroom and realized I had never been in one space for so long... closing in on ten years. And I thought I could spend some time making a collage, then I thought... tear down the whole thing, clear the walls, start new. I don't do that kind of thing.

looking in at night

But there is something else, it is coming on as soon as this week is over, something I do annually and just enter into, no preparing. But in church this morning I felt a need to prepare for silence. Not sure how.

For now I am getting ready for a friend's visit. Pizza time.

So what are you preparing for?


  1. figuring out what's next for me...

  2. Hosting my aunt while she and my uncle are in town for his heart surgery tomorrow. (I'm not usually one to solicit prayers, but any and all prayers for "Kim's uncle Don" tomorrow morning would be deeply appreciated. He's a wonderful, sweet man.)

  3. My husband and I are leaving next week for a road trip up to Seattle for a family wedding. We spent all day yesterday finalizing the itinerary which was rather exhausting work since we tend to be "spare of the moment and by the seat of our pants" kind of folks. We're taking our art supplies and we're hoping to do some plein air work. It's good that I've told you this because now I have to be make good on my word and not just leave the sketchbook in the back of the car :-)

  4. Giggles... what may be next is the present moment, feel free to throw something at me the next time you see me, but not any glass.

    Kim... Certainly. Throwing hope and positive energy out into the world is something I can do while prepping to teach about the universe. Did not think of surgery when I wondered what folk could be prepping for.

    Valerie... don't you hate how putting words out into the world can make you do a good thing. enjoy your trip. Look forward to a wordless Wednesday of one of those airplane sketches.

  5. I'm preparing to receive whatever comes next--with gratitude. It's too easy to gripe and not so easy to accept when it's something unpleasant.

    It would be great if you could publish your lesson plans for The History of the Universe. I bet it would be something homeschoolers would love to have.

  6. I realized when I read this that if it weren't for That Exam at the end of the month, we would be silent at W.ville at the same time.

    So I am preparing for silence 7 weeks away and pretending to prepare for Hebrew in 2.

  7. walk2write--- if you knew how pitiful my lesson plans are you would be laughing with me.

    Robin--- will respond about those October dates this evening

  8. Thanks, Wayne. He came through surgery yesterday just fine, and is having his breathing tube removed this morning--actually, I just looked at the clock, and it may already be gone. Things are progressing... and all of the positive energies are helping. Thank you. :)

  9. Blackswamp Gal--- thanks for the update. Hoping all continues to go well


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