Thursday, August 5, 2010

the tale of a transaction which began and ended on twitter... Crafting On Thursdays

It started with a search of tweets about Hawley, PA. You see we were headed up that way for a craft show and I thought, why not?

and the top hit was from someone who was going to spend a weekend there and it was clear from his tone that he needed something to do, so I started a conversation by recommending the Audubon craft show. The next morning I read his grateful tweet. I shared our etsy sight and eventually told him where to find us.

I came back from a break and Mosaic Woman was talking to some folk, and it appeared one could be my guy from Twitter. It was. He was interested in my heart, but suggested another color.

Rainbow starflower suncatcherAfter the show I sent him a link to our hearts. But something else caught his eye, a seven pointed star in mystic purple. Well the design caught his eye. He asked if I could do it as a rainbow of colors. I knew I had done this in the past, so off I went to flickr and showed him this... and he dug it.

So off to the studio I went and made four new ones. Placed one on etsy and told the man it was there. A tweet told me I had a satisfied customer.

So now one has sold, this one is for sale at Etsy , and two will be taken this Saturday (8/7/10) to the Lansdale Farmer's Market (9am - 1pm).

Hope to see you there, bring your dog... they dig my glass.


  1. I'm still trying to figure out my cell phone, Wayne. Had the grandson working on it for me this afternoon. Tweeter. Twitter. Face book chitter. Give me peace and quiet, one of your slow jazz numbers in the background, and your heart hanging in the window over the kitchen sink. It works for me....

  2. Jim, if it wasn't for this dang machine I would not have met you and several other wonderful folk. I am OK if you don't Twitter, good enough to know you here.


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