Saturday, August 14, 2010

Do you say Grace?

47--- 14/365  celebrating I grew up in pierogie country

Grace in our house was never said until we starting having dinner with friends who said it silently, hands connecting us together. We liked it and have come to call it Quaker grace.

The pause before consuming is short, but Mosaic Woman and I do pause, reach out a hand to each other, then say what we need to say in silence. A squeeze of the hands marks the end.

There was no pause for saying grace when I was growing up. But that moment has become a ritual now. Just a moment to be grateful that people worked hard to grow our food and to have a hand to hold, and a God to thank.


  1. Everything religious is complicated in this house.

  2. We do, and I do, even when alone.

    But it's complicated when my kids have friends over...

  3. Robin and Michelle... got me thinking about my own complications

  4. I grew up saying grace at every meal, and my children and I still do this some times..It's good to acknowledge our blessings..

  5. My husband and I ask the blessing over each meal that we share together. A thankful heart seems to draw one closer to God somehow, don't you think? I admit to needing to foster that habit a bit more earnestly when I eat alone however. You've given me something to aim for, thanks.

  6. Icy BC... I do believe God appreciates us acknowledging our blessings

    Valerie... I too need to work on that eating alone, not as consistent as I am when I am at home with Margaret.


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