Friday, August 20, 2010

Fridays in PA--- Pierogies and PA Preferred

Last week I was trying to get all of you to buy fresh veggies and support PASA . So what local veggies did you eat this past week? I won't try to get you to make pierogies from scratch, although there was a time...

You see, Mosaic Woman and I both grew up where there was a large popualtion of one ethnic group or another who love pierogies. In my house they were deep fried, while up in Edmonton MW ate them sauteed in lots of butter after they were boiled. That is how we do it these days...

47--- 14/365  celebrating I grew up in pierogie country first seen when speaking about grace

The good thing about being back in PA is that we don't have to make, well MW doesn't have to make us pierogies from scratch. These were made at the T&L Pierogie Shop in Hazleton, PA, but found in a local grocery.

We tried the cabbage for something bit different from the more typical potato style. The back of the bag introduced us to PA Preferred. It is a good thing for Pennsylvania to be promoting all that is grown and produced in this fine state. ...

Do you dig pierogies?


  1. I will bring you some from the Ukranian Church in the of my favs are the apricot pierogies dusted with powdered sugar...

  2. MsKlem... that would be way cool of you

  3. so, while standing in front of the pierogie case at my local Giant, I saw the T and L pierogies and bought a bag. I loved them! So I talked to my mother-in-law and she found another place in Wilkes Barre called mom and pop. She's going to try them out this weekend and if they're good, she'll send some home with Mark next weekend.


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